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For Days When You Just Can’t Do It Anymore

December 28, 2017 | Maurine Proctor

“Life in today’s world can be at times so complicated and the challenges so overwhelming as to be beyond our individual capacity to resolve them,” noted Elder Richard G. Scott. We have some problems that we just can’t see our way through. We are reminded too often that our capacity is not sufficient to solve the dilemmas at hand. Sometimes it is not only the problem that is hard; it is that my sense of inadequacy grows bigger before it. The problem is tough—and, to make matters worse, I can’t find the strength or capacity to solve it. I have a hard thing, a difficult relationship, a financial stress, a health concern, a lack of opportunity to express my best gifts—and why can’t I find my way through? Why am I beating my head against the same brick wall and not finding the solution? {Continue Reading at Meridian Magazine}

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